"The Child of the Moon,
and the Child of the Sun.”

..The Nightshade Chronicles - Preview..

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::Good Enough: Chapter 2 - Part 13::

I quickly walked over to Riley’s friend Lacey, she had to have some idea of where she could have gone. Though before I could open my mouth, it seemed I was not the only one looking for answers.

"Oh, thank God, Mathias! You are all she talks about, especially how fond she is of you! Please tell me she went home with you yesterday!"

This sudden information, I am now heavily puzzled. Not only did Riley talk about me, but the fact that Lacey would assume such things as to which I would never think possible. Did she really think Riley was with me the whole time?

"What was the last thing she said to you Lacey? Have you called the police?" I asked her, doing my best to remain calm when inside I knew I was hurting with worry.

"She said she was going to find you and invite you and your friend back there to dinner with us, but she never came back to my car so I assumed she left with you. I tried to call her last night and she wouldn’t answer her phone. I told the police and they said I have to wait 48 hours to report a missing person! I even asked her ex-boyfriend -"

"Wait…" I stopped her as I gathered my thoughts, "Why would her ex have anything to do with her? He is her ‘ex’ for a reason, correct?"

"You mean…she didn’t tell you? She lives with him since her parents died in a plane crash 3 years go. She has no one else but my grandmother and I."

I gave her a nod as I let out a sigh, Riley and I had only a few brief moments to talk, but never did she mention about living with another man. I imagine she never had the time to explain. Rather it was the sympathy of her being her only family or jealousy of her ex-boyfriend that loomed like a scavenging hawk; I could feel myself shaking, and though it was highly unlike me, it made me realize what my true feelings were.

Her scent still lingered upon my jacket as it embraced my senses, an idea then occurred. I really hope it can lead me to her. I looked back up at Lacey before I made my way to the door.

"I will find Riley, as soon as I do I will have her call you and let you know she is safe. Let the teacher know I won’t be in today."

Riley….why did you not come and get me like you were supposed to? Where the hell could you be…?

::Good Enough: Chapter 2 - Part 12::

Thinking about hunting the werewolves by myself made me feel of use again, I had not been on a decent hunt in over one hundred years. It was about time to stretch my fangs out for once and use them in a real battle.

"Okay, yeah the stalking idea is good, Jerry. I’ll do it alone though, I don’t want your dad angry with me should you get yourself killed." I warned him.

He laughed at my remark while shaking his head, “Fine, besides my father was the one who summoned you for this job to begin with. Oh and hey,” he paused for a moment as he looked at the door then back at me, “Look who came in without her blonde hyperactive buddy that jumped you, speaking of suspicious humans.”

What?! Riley isn’t going to be here? Why does her friend look so worried and by herself?

::Good Enough: Chapter 2 - Part 11::

Another day within the semester and hiding as a human, Jerry did not hesitate to bombard me with news that I should know about the war with these werewolves. We were there early again to speak about the menaces and the more he went on about them, the more concerned I became. Not just for the humans but for Riley alone.

"If we lower their numbers it should not be a risk, but they do have an advantage against us to where we cannot sniff them out." Jerry said confidently.

"How is that?" I asked.

"They can hide as humans without their werewolf scent. If we can find people that are suspicious and take them in for questioning … -"

"No, Jerry," I interrupted him, "If we captured the wrong humans to interrogate then they will know our existence in this world, it would send them into a panic. We cannot afford to have our race coming into full view."

"What if we silently stalked them, Mathias? We are vampires! It is one of our special perks! We simply watch from afar and wait until they transformed! Besides tonight is a full moon, it’d be the perfect night to catch them!"

I groaned as I paused to think about his plan, it seemed fine and maybe it will work. Though I fear that with Jerry’s impulsive behavior that I sense from him may get us into trouble. To be on the safe side I may have to do this alone. 

::Good Enough: Chapter 2 - Part 10::

My sister’s smile faded as I could begin to tell that what Jerry had to tell her was either not good or a serious matter had come up. Her emerald eyes flashed as she took a moment before replying to me.

"Yes, he did speak of other things; in fact he spoke of those werewolves and a council to be held at his clan’s covenant. His father wishes to speak to you about the chaos and how we can prevent those hairballs from doing anymore harm to our brethren. Though I had just found out recently that the vampires are not the only target; humans are now too the path of least resistance. Those beasts are getting restless."

I shook my head as I leaned up some more, and then resting my forehead upon my arm in annoyance. Werewolves were a growing issue, and the fact of them coming out to hurt humans worried me greatly. The black heart within my chest sunk with my sister’s words as the smiling face of Riley haunted my mind - her giggling also echoing within my ears almost as if she was close by.

"Thank you, Lucretia. We’ll talk more about this after the sun sets. I need rest for now." I solemnly said to my sister.

::Good Enough: Chapter 2 - Part 9::

"Like a tree trunk…I beg to differ, sister dear." I told her as I sat up against the pillows.

I sighed and then continued on, “Yes a human jumped at me today. Not sure why everyone is so talkative about it.”

I heard her giggle as she shook her head at me; now I need to be prepared to be ridiculed as she begins to act like that.

"Oh I don’t know, the fact that you’re of pure vampiric blood and you did not go after her when you two were let out of class. I can smell her on your clothes and in this room, but not her blood. She must have held you a while though to have her perfume stick to you. I did not think you were capable of letting humans push you around." Lucretia laughed.

How I hate it when I am right, ridiculing and criticizing; fantastic family values we have it seems.

"She did nothing wrong and does not know of what I am to deserve death, but I am quite certain that’s not the only reason of why you came up here. You had spoken to Jerry which means there are bigger things to fret about, I’m sure." I told her.

::Good Enough: Chapter 2 - Part 8::

As I lay there upon my bed after the eventful evening, I wondered of how I was changing - how my feelings were changing. It was not the fact I was growing soft for the human race, but only for one being out of that particular group. I could still hunt and kill, though I could not to Riley.

A sense of responsibility washed over me, like I should look out for her in a way. There was no one I could tell this too, no other vampire would understand how I really felt. I am starting to accept it, yes, and as long as I keep it hidden it would not put Riley in any danger. Suddenly, I heard laughing as my door had opened.

"So, I heard from that clan leader’s son, Jerry Moranoe, you were attacked by a skinny little human in class today? I did not believe him since my big brother is like a trunk of a tree. I thought I’d come to hear the story myself."

Damn it to hell, my twin sister had even heard about that. Maybe this really was not going to be easy to hide as I had imagined.

::Good Enough: Chapter 2 - Part 7::

Riley jumping me like that, had she known what I really was it would not have happened. Nor would she come near within 50 feet of me. Her embrace however, her scent that surrounded me and now resided upon my clothes. Though she had stunned me, she also had left a smile on my heart. It had took a good few seconds before she gently pulled away. I gave her a light smirk.

"Ah yes, it is good to see you as well. I was not expecting that move at all. You had caught me off guard." I said with a small laugh as I saw her smile fade.

"Yeah," She looked a bit away from me while her hand reached her arm as if she had fallen nervous, "I seem to do stupid things without thinking as I’ve been told…I’m so sorry. I was just so excited to see you here."

"No harm done, you have a good heart. As long as you remember that then no one can take that innocence away from you."

"You…you really mean that?"

"I would be a fool if I had ever lied to you, Riley. You are a good person with a tender and fragile heart. Take good care of it. You’ll make someone proud one day if you never change."

What the hell am I saying….I shouldn’t even be talking to her, a simple human girl, like this; above all allowing her to hug me the way she did. Why am I enjoying her so much? What is happening to me?

::Good Enough: Chapter 2 - Part 6::

A few minutes is more than a vampire needs with his gifted speed, though second thoughts came in as I became hesitant to leave the classroom. Seeing Riley made me uneasy, and not in a bad way, and yet again it was hard to decipher what I really felt around her.

I could not help but smile from observing her a few minutes ago. Her giddiness and never ending joy; it’s not good for me to feel this way about a human, nonetheless smile about it. Though as of recent days my feelings are becoming uncontrollable and smiling is starting to become an unhealthy habit.


Before I could move and inch, a massive force rushed into me. The scent of Riley began to rise all around me as I then suddenly heard Jerry in the back snickering. Riley’s arms had embraced my torso tightly as I stood there completely motionless in utter shock.